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First,business introduction
We have great relationship with the world famous forwarders, such as SCHENKER , FEDEX, UPS ,DHL, TNT, PANALPINA, NIPPON, KWE, EI, and provide the safely and timely service for you.
Second, Air export
  We provide the Customs Clearance for inland transportation, our networks which are located in KUNSHAN, SHANGHAI, WUXI, SUZHOU, TAICANG, WUJIANG, CHANGSHU, NINBO and NANJIN form a logistical network in the CHANGJIANG area and extend to the whole nation. Our excel operators team will provide the best service for you.
  export flow
1. Order received: we give the feedback immediately after receiving the order, arrange the truck for picking up cargo and Customs Clearance.
    2. Tracking the document: we have a completing FTP system, our customers only need to submit the documents to our system, after that we can print these documents by ourselves which cut off the time for delivering. We will per-record the data into the Customs System in order to save the time for Customs Clearance.
    3. Release the cargo and documents: our company has green way for air export, and we promise to release the documents during the 3 hours and release the cargo during 4 hours after receiving the order.
    4. Cargo tracking: we have GPS system for truck tracking.

Three, Air import
 1Forwarder, Customs Clearance and Inspection: we provide the Customs Clearance and Inspection service for the cargos which are delivered from PUDONG airport to Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas. We promise to deliver the cargo to the appoint Customs Areas under the standard process for Customs Clearance and Cargo Delivery. We also will provide the cargo track report for our customers.
Receive the customers’ orders: deal with the Customs Clearance and transportation for special cargo, such as hazard cargo, freezing cargo, oversize cargo)
    ·Steady service because of the regular buses in the airport
    ·Arrange the trucks according to customers’ request, make sure all the cargo are delivered at the same day.
    ·Competitive price
    ·GPRS cargo tracking
    ·Provide the door to door service, save the cost and time
    ·Provide the cargo delivery, Customs Clearance service
    ·Cargo insurance, reduce the risk

Operate flow for Air import
    A. Preparing the customers’ orders, operate information and data.
    1. In the morning, the customer will E-mail us for informing us there are cargos need to be shipped, and customer must provide the Customs Clearance Information to us for Customs transferring (B/L, invoice, packing list, contact, declaration proxy and quarantine proxy).
    2. OP will E-mail the list to our colleague in Shanghai, and they will arrange the Customs transferring.
    3. customs declarer will finish the Customs Clearance and inspection after receiving the Customers’ documents.
    B. information feedback and Customs In Trans for cargo
    1. Our colleague in SHANGHAI will arrange the Customs In Trans after receiving the list, track the cargo and inform to our colleague in KUNSHAN who will provide the feedback to our customers.
    2. We have regular trucks in SHANGHAI for cargo delivery(schedule is 11:30. 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00). We will arrange the cargo according to the customer’s special requirement and cargo’s emergency.
    C. Cargo Delivery
We have experienced bonded truck drivers, and they will deliver the cargo to the CNEE address according to the customers’ different requirements


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