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First,business introduction
Everlink has cooperated with the world famous shipping lines, such as CMAHYUNDAIAPLOOCLCHINA SHIPPINGHASCO.YMLK’LINE Company provides the safe, timely, and exact service for exporting and importing cargo by using the advantages of each shipping line
Because of the good relationship among the Everlink, shipping company and oversea agent, we can provide the land transportation and Custom Clearance, ocean transportation and Custom Clearance, international transportation and Custom Clearance, door to door service and delivery the cargo to the destination safely and timely. We also provide the best service for you according to your needs (door to door, port to port and port to door) and choose the fitting shipping line for the customer and track the cargo all the time. Until now, our service covers the entire world, such as European, American, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Middle East and Red Sea. Europe, America, Japanese and Southeast Asian line is our advantages because we can book directly thought the HYUNDAI
CMAAPLOOCLCHINA SHIPPINGHASCO by EDI and internet.We promise we can provide the best service for the customers.
We have the strong support from our oversea agents, and our oversea agents can provide the door to door service such as pick up cargo, Custom Clearance, document prepare, ocean transportation and cargo delivery

Second, the value of customers to enjoy
Customer can ask for LCL/FCL service or multimodal transport
Get the information exactly and timely by the MIS system
Effective and low cost LCL service
Advice the best transportation

Third, flow operate flow
ocean export 
order receive and exam order
   Operator take the booking order before the 5-7 days of shipping, please offer your written booking order when you order, the booking order need to include the shipper, consignee, notify party, commodity, mark, package, Gross Weight, Measurement, container type, POL, POD, Delivery address, trade term, and other requires. Our operator will book after examine.
 Bbooking order feedback
Operator will book immediately after receiving your booking order, and reply you the vessel, shipping schedule, B/L No. and the port by fax in order to confirm the customer the booking is OK. If you want to change the information, our operator will call you back immediately and e-mail you again make sure the information is correct
 Cdoor to door service
We can provide the service which pick up the empty container in the Shanghai port and deliver to each door, after that return the container back to the port.

We can make all the documents such as container loading plan, in order to fill the quantity by the factory.
We can provide the container loading advance and storage in our company’s yard.
We can provide the pick the container in the previous night or loading service in 24 hours
  The cargo can be delivered to our warehouse and we can packing for you
If it is LCL and the ocean multimodal transport, we provide the below service
Weight the cargo immediately after the cargo into the warehouse, and confirm you company by written paper.
Mark service
Pick cargo, divide the measurement
    Dexam the Custom Clearance document
   Your company must deliver the document to our company 3 days before the shipment, we need to exam the type of Custom Clearance, business type, HS code, invoice, packing list. We also need to check whether need the book, commodity inspection, license or quote
Requirements of the different customs declaration

   Blue customs declaration, enterprise with three kinds of capital
 Domestic enterprise(operation right for export and import)

   general trade: white customs declaration, OEM: green customs declaration.
   ODM: red customs declaration, compensation trade: green customs declaration.
   Priced Sample: white customs declaration. Free sample: white customs declaration.
   Return cargo: white customs declaration, exhibition: white customs declaration
   tax reimbursement for export: yellow customs declaration

    Etracking in the yard
 We track all the containers and reply the condition to your company. Your company must fax the packing list to our company in the 3 hours after packing if your company choose packing and Customs Clearance by yourself. Our operator in the scene will help your to deal with the Customs inspection.
    Fissue the B/L
 Our cooperator will confirm the B/L 1-2 days before the shipment. If the shipping line makes the B/L, we will fax you immediately for your confirmation. Your company wants to change anything, must let us know. For the moderation transportation or LCL, the B/L will be issued after the ship leaving the port. We will issue the original B/L at the same day or next day if we booking directly.
    Gdocument return
we promise all the document which is in the normal process will be returned during 20 days after the sailing leaving the port
ocean import

order receive and customer service
1order receive
   The document we need to receive is including in B/L(which has the shipper steam), invoice, packing list, contact, certification for free tax(if need), books(if need), and so on.
delivery order
   We receive the B/L from your company, and check the POA information immediately, after we will arrange staff to deliver order.
make document and Custom Clearance
   Our company has many Operators who have long experience for Custom Clearance, and we also have many recheck processes, in order to avoiding the human mistakes.
inquire service
   We provide the inquired service such as offer enquiring, Customs Rules, HS code inquiring and so on, and we also promise we will reply you during the 24 hours.

    BCustoms Clearance and inspection service
  1Customs Clearance
   Pre-recorded for Customs Clearance: We own EDI system which is used to send the data to the Customs System on time.
   Customs declaration rechecking, our experienced staffs are in charge of rechecking the Human-made Customs Declaration and per-recording of Customs Clearance.
   On the spot Customs Clearance: We have own customs declarers in each port for Customs Clearance on time.
inspection service
   Our experienced staffs in charge of sealing for Commodity Inspection, health inspection and animal or plant quarantine, we also undertake every kinds of certification.
    Con the spot service
    1port plan
   Our company has offices in each port, and undertakes to sealing, stocking and picking up cargo. We have good relationship with the staffs and companies in each port and try our best to satisfied our customers’ special demand and reduce the cost.
Team delivery
   We own the truck steam, LCL truck team, and we promise we will deliver the cargo to the CNEE on time.

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